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Incapability Brown (An Izzy Brown Story, Book 1) No Job No Home No Boyfriend No ClueMeet Izzy Brown Banished To Darkest Yorkshire After Losing Her Job, Boyfriend Home Within The Space Of An Hour On St Valentine S Day, Izzy Is Forced To Swap Her Blahniks For Riding Boots A Daunting Prospect For Someone Who Has Only Ever Ridden The Tube Newly Employed As A Live In Nanny To Sensitive Taryn Bratty Junior Showjumper Carlotta, Izzy Discovers That The Paddocks Is A House Riddled With Secrets.Who Is Stalking The Household What S Really Going On Between Brash, Bossy Gardener Jared Comely Groom Gemma And Just What Is The Mystery Surrounding The Girls Absent Father MK Izzy Has No Idea That Her Arrival Will Trigger A Series Of Events That Will Finally Uncover The Truth About The Paddocks All Its Inhabitants.

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    4.5 stars.It took me a long while to get in to this one Izzy Brown is a catastrophe And early on, I really struggled to connect with her It s not that she s an unlikable personbut certain traits are not so easy to like And she s such a disaster zone of a person it s hard to believe at times And yet, as I trudged on, I found myself falling for the rest of the cast of characters, not least of which is the rural Yorkshire setting, and in doing so, fell in love with Izzy too.There are a lot of laughs to be had as London girl learns to be a Yorkshire Lass Particularly if you know horses, the early days of Izzy learning to ride are rather hilariousand wince inducing at the same time You ve got a varied and delightful cast of characters who are all well developed over the course of the book, continuing to surprise with their depth and realness The story itself often felt chaotic, but because that s the life these people lead It was beautifully done, and once I had gotten in to it, I didn t want to put it down I just wanted to curl up and read the whole thing in one go Watching Izzy learn to grow and accept herself, along with realising her true feelings, is a beautiful thing And ...

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    This was a fun, lighthearted read It has the same feel to it as books I read as a child about pony clubs but with adult content I have seen some rate it along the same lines as Jilly Cooper but I wouldn t say it was as well written Not sure ...

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    Brilliantly entertaining, easy read A grown up pony book, in the style of Jilly Cooper Well written, with engaging characters and full of humour I couldn t put it down towards the end of the novel Looking forward to book 2

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    A great read Wasn t expecting to get into it as not really into horses but thought I would give it a try Became completely hooked Enjoyed it so much I have already started the second in the series Well written with characters you want to discover about Would definently recommend.

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    So me Izzy Brown is so me in so many ways a clutz who often says things wrong The story it s self I really enjoyed.

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    At the heart of every great novel are the people, and it s the brilliant cast of characters that drives this romp of a read Izzy Incapability Brown is the likeable heroine who begins the story hopeless and heartbroken The legal secretary turned nanny embarks on a voyage of self discovery when she rocks up at The Paddocks, the plush Yorkshire pad of a mysterious Greek shipping tycoon and his family Mary Poppins she ain t, but she soon falls in love with her new life.All the characters were credible and I loved them all, from spoilt and scary Carlotta and her little ...

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    This surprised me it was quite fun, and the writing was way better than I expected Yes, it s chick lit, but it s smart and funny, and the heroine is only mildly annoying And there are horses Shope she has horsey ones

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