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Spirit of the Sword (First Sword Chronicles #2) Michael Has Survived His Battle With The Voice Of Corona, And Is Determined To Walk The Path Of Service To The Immortal Empress Aegea But Opposing Him Is None Other Than His Own Beloved Brother, Felix, Who Was Thought Dead But Is The Chief Servant To Michael S Enemy, Quirian.Meanwhile, The Quarrels Between The Empire S Feuding Factions Continue As Miranda Finds Herself Increasingly Entangled In The Treacherous Currents Of Imperial Politics As Plots Multiply, Miranda Finds Herself Increasingly Unsure Of Her Loyalties To Anyone But Her Lover Octavia And Her Dear Friend, Empress Portia But As The Empire Hurtles Towards Civil War The Day Approaches When She Will Have To Choose A Side Once And For All.The Roads Of Michael, Felix And Miranda Entwine In Eternal Pantheia, The Empire S Capital, Where Betrayals And Revelations Try Their Resolve As The City Burns Around Them The Three Divided Siblings Must Reunite And Put Their Faith In One Another, For Only Together Can They Save The Empire, Or Let The Fires Of Its Hubris Consume The Nation.

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    Smith offers up a spectacular and truly thrilling high fantasy journey in his sequel, Faith and Virtue After the melancholic end of the previous story, I was pleasantly surprised at how Smith handled returning me to the world of the Callistus family and their divergent tales that had interwoven at the end of book one The loss of two feisty and loveable characters was handled very well and softly serves the message that those we lose remain with us forever after through our actions to continue their legacy The loss of Tullia and Princess Fia act as the catalyst that sees a great deal of growth of our fellowship.A running theme throughout the story is that of personal growth in the face of adversity and coming to be comfortable with who the characters are Michael begins to truly walk the path of a devoted servant to a cause beyond his emotions and in the process becomes a true hero Felix must grapple with the struggle of facing every horrible act he has been a part of, including the false guilt of killing his brother, and accept the burden of responsibility that sees him mature in the end of the story Michael makes a transition into a noble hero He undertakes the role of leader, savior and faithful servant to the empire Granted there are moments when he does regress...

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