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Plot Holes Of Course It Wasn T Over After The Apocalypse.There Was Season Six Then There Was Season Seven Against All Expectations, There Was Season Eight There Were The Alphas And Purgatory, And Then The Leviathans, And Then The Angels Fell Enter Season Nine Loose Threads Metatron, Abaddon, And Crowley Have To Be Tied Up Sam, Dean, And Cas Have To Try To Tie Them While At The Same Time Dealing With Their Evolving Relationships And Newfound Graceless States.Amidst All The Chaos, Someone Has Started Publishing The Supernatural Novels Again Convinced There S Something Amiss In The Pages, Charlie Starts Her Own Quest To Suss Out The Truth Behind The Winchester Gospels.With The Help Of Various Faces, Old And New, They Must Now Not Only Deal With The Typical Runs Of Demons And Recently Fallen Angels, But Also Reconcile The Battles Raging Inside Themselves, As The Fate Of The World, Once Again, Quite Literally Lays In The Palm Of Their Hands.

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