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[PDF / Epub] ❤ The Pattern of God's Truth ✅ Frank E. Gaebelein – Snapchatlogin.us
  • Paperback
  • 118 pages
  • The Pattern of God's Truth
  • Frank E. Gaebelein
  • English
  • 07 January 2017
  • 9780884691709

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    Regarding integration of faith and learning, Frank Gaebelein noted both the pitfalls of lack of primacy of place for God s word in many Christian colleges and the pitfall of trying to determine the truth from the point of revelation alone There are three approaches to determining the truth from the point of view of revelation alone, from the point of view of revelation plus reason, and from the point of view of reason only He commends only the approach of revelation plus reason Gaebelein s works seems to me to be an early effort to address the anti intellectualism and lack of excellence in Christian intellectual level and works especially among Protestants that was later addressed in works such as The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind by Mark Noll and Fit Bodies, Fat Minds by Os Guinness Gaebelein seems to share a similar concern to Alcuin in the Middle Ages Both exerted their life s labor, it seems, to forwarding the gospel through advancing a robust Christian pedagogy One thing I appreciate about Gaebelein s writing is his appreciative culling of and employment of fine quotes from his obviously extensive, life long reading and study practices His quotation of Justin Martyr then is fitting given his practice All that has been well said belongs to us Christians I read Gaebelein s book The Christian, the Arts, and Truth Regaining the Vision of Gr...

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    All at once, this book is both timeless and dated Timeless in the sense that the Christian educator must, at the forefront of his or her practice, be rooted in scriptural truths to be effective at the integration of The need for strong, Christian education is no less today that when the book was originally written 50 years ago Dated in the sense that the collective worldview of society, and of parents who elect to send their children to Christian schools today is far varied, and thus may require a broader understanding of worldview in general Further, some of the considerations in the book may be dated and impractical This is not a book for the Christian educator in public schools, but the Christian educator in the private Christian school While I would not say it is a ...

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    This is a classic work on Christian education by one of its foremost proponents from the 20th century, Frank Gaebelein also co editor of Christianity Today with Carl F H Henry, as well as style editor for the New International Version of the Bible It is in this book actually in the lectures from which this book was adapted that the phrase All truth is God s truth was so aptly coined And in this book consists some foundational understanding of a Biblical philosophy of Christian education.It would be nice to have a revised and updated edition maybe by a student of Gaebelein , but even as it stands it s still a great text The order of the book is great It has four manageable chapters, each filled with much to think about.1 Integration and the Truth2 The Teacher and the Truth3 The Subject and the Truth4 The Truth Beyond the ClassroomIt s unfortunate that for some reason in this book Dr Gaebelein tries to explain carbon dating and its precise capabilities without taking into account the assumptions involved in using it see Of course he may not have had this information and in the context of his book, it seems he didn t But from this position he then tries to explain that this proves that the age of the ...

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    This book is made up of four lectures The first lecture talked in circles and used lots of undefined terms that seemed to confuse rather than enlighten Lecture two defined the source of truth as God s word the Bible and nature It also reminded of the importance of Christian teachers with the quote No man teaches out of a philosophical vacuum It also made the important point that unanimity of denomination is not essential however unanimity of faith is All in all lecture two took a long time to make very few points Lecture three started off promising with the topic of the integration of truth and faith in mathematics From there it briefly touched on literature and then music and there quickly degenerated to an 11 page rant on modern music in the church The final lecture touched on some interesting points about the integration of faith in extracurricular activities and in discipline in a school In this last lecture some valid and interesting points were made but over all I found the book...

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    Just about every new idea that current Christian educators come up with has been around at least since Gaebelein put his thoughts together This books is comprised of a series of talks given by Gaebelein at Dallas Seminary many years ago The book is not good because of the author s eloquence, but because he is spot on for every argument he makes...

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    Most of the content was obvious and of a review It was a bit frustrating to me, as the author seemed a bit condescending know it all I did appreciate several of the quips and quotes Booksarea mirror held up to life Christianity s basic postulates areunprovable in human logic, though not in the experience of the heart Once we submit to them through faith, theycan be defined and usedThey also possess an extreme inherent clarity which convinces reason strongly than doe...

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    It s a good book for Christian teachers and administrators It s got some terrific takeaways Highly quotable I skimmed through some long sections, which helped me enjoy the book a lot In places, it is brilliant In others, it s pretty dull It was short enough that it felt worth the investment of time.

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    One of the better books from the required reading for ACSI It was pretty direct and actually had some really practical points A little wordy at points and not always moving forward, but pretty good food for thought.

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    3.2A Family Education

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