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The Midwife of VeniceHannah Levi Is Renowned Throughout Venice For Her Gift At Coaxing Reluctant Babies From Their Mothers A Gift Aided By The Secret Birthing Spoons She Designed But When A Count Implores Her To Attend To His Wife, Who Has Been Laboring For Days To Give Birth To Their Firstborn Son, Hannah Is Torn A Papal Edict Forbids Jews From Rendering Medical Treatment To Christians, But The Payment He Offers Is Enough To Ransom Her Beloved Husband, Isaac, Who Has Been Captured At Sea Can Hannah Refuse Her Duty To A Suffering Woman Hannah S Choice Entangles Her In A Treacherous Family Rivalry That Endangers The Baby And Threatens Her Voyage To Malta, Where Isaac, Believing Her Dead In The Plague, Is Preparing To Buy His Passage To A New Life Not Since The Red Tent Or People Of The Book Has A Novel Transported Readers So Intimately Into The Complex Lives Of Women Centuries Ago Or So Richly Into A Story Of Intrigue That Transcends The Boundaries Of History.

[[ BOOKS ]] ⚣ The Midwife of Venice Author Roberta Rich – Snapchatlogin.us
  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • The Midwife of Venice
  • Roberta Rich
  • English
  • 01 April 2018
  • 9781451657470

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    Welcome to another edition of Megan s Damning With Faint Praise This book is fine It is readable, it didn t piss me off, I enjoyed it while I was reading it These are things I almost always say about books I liked but inspired me to no passion, one way or another And it s true in this case as well.Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the recent changes in Goodreads p...

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    With The Midwife of Venice, Roberta Rich has joined the hordes By hordes, I mean authors producing historical fiction about parts of the world that are legendary, which is to say mostly imaginary to them Strangely, most are about 16th century Italy, one region or another Also, they tend to feature resourceful female protagonists whose pluck and daring gets them through the most unlikely adventures There is usually some form of prejudice a helper in the form of another social outsider a randy dwarf, a cloistered monk and a great deal of travel to Scotland, Morocco, Rome That legendariness is not entirely a bad thing it allows readers to think they are being transported through a place while still suspending disbelief as wholly improbable events take place there When an author also so obviously wants his her fiction to be taken seriously as a political statement or quasi historical document, however, the lack of research or actual realism becomes a distraction rather than a boon.And that is just one ...

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    16 stolje e 2 paralelne pri e pri a jevrejke Hane koja radi kao babica u Veneciji i njenog mu a Isaka zarobljenog na Malti, pri a o tome ta prolaze jedno bez drugog, pa sve do ponovnog susreta Jako dobro, a posebno mi se d...

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    Let me just say that I wish this novel was longer Three hundred pages are not enough for this amazingness.Hannah is a Jewess, a midwife, and a wife living in the 16th century Venice Her husband was captured and sold into slavery on Malta When he realized that nobody is going to save him, he is trying to find his own ways to survive, escape and get back to Venice.In the meantime, a wealthy and powerful Count is asking Hannah s help to deliver his wife s baby and save him, since it is his last hope to have a child and an heir to his fortune None of the Christian midwives could help the Countess that is in labor for over two days The Rabbi of the Ghetto forbids Hannah to help Christians and risk the safety of the entire Ghetto but after a generous offer from the Count, that can buy her husband s freedom, she accepts to help.Delivering Countess Baby is not the most challenging thing Hannah must face Shortly she finds herself alone with a Christian child, fighting for its safety When there is nobody to turn for help, she goes to the person she rejected years ago, her sister, Jessica She is now a New Christian, a woman who betrayed her people and her religion, and who is now living a not an honorable life Would Hannah be able to save herself, the baby and her husband I have no words to describ...

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    The Midwife of Venice by debut novelist Roberta Rich is full of great historical facts and truly does reveal the seamy and seedy side of 16th Century Venice I was so delighted to find a new Historical novel that moves quickly and is so accurate in its portrayal of the times without trying to recapture history, but rather crafting a fresh story with new and thoroughly interesting characterizations I was also very intrigued to learn of the enslavement of Jewish people in Italy because it is so historically relevant to the persecution of Jews all over Europe in the centuries to follow It is obvious that the seeds of much torture during the pograms of Russia and Poland up until Hitler and WWII may have been planted in places like Malta and Venice That is why it so good for authors to explore these roots because even many Jewish persons like myself, do not always know the full history of our culture s persecution.Now, on to the review Hannah Levi is a midwife in the ghettos of Venice during the late 1500 s She possesses excellent skill in this profession despite the fact that she herself is barren She is known for her unique instrument called birthing spoons that seem to mirror modern day forceps While many people see this tool as a miracle, she must be careful in its use because it is very easy to be branded a heretic or a witch and be sentenced to death for using items l...

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    Medieval Venice and its Jewish Ghetto and the rest of Venice is fascinating, the story reads quickly, like a good soap, which is what I thought it was Each chapter ends with our heroine about to confront another crisis, that we never doubt she will overcome, even when it s gynecological...

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    This was a quick read and I liked some of the historical perspectives of life in 1500 Venice However as other reviewers indicated, everything was a bit too black and white with herculean actions that became unbelievable for 1500 Venice.

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    Odd that you should choose to be a midwife, having never experienced birth yourself In other circumstances the words would have stung She thought, Do not physicians provide medicaments for illnesses they have never suffered But Hannah held her tongue Two in her care were suspended between life and death She had important matters to worry about. I want to start with a caveat I don t tend to read historical fiction, and if I did, I wouldn t be looking for historical fiction built around domestic drama and romance So, for all I know, The Midwife of Venice might be a very fine example of its genre, and if others find it satisfying, then it succeeds As for me, I picked this book up because I ll be in Venice next week and wanted to get in the mood and it worked for my purpose, too This was a fine, if lightweight, read I doubt I ll seek out the other volumes in this trilogy You are ruled by men the Rabbi, Isaac, our father when he was alive You are a little ghetto mouse and will never be anything else. As the book begins, Hannah a Jewish midwife of extraordinary g...

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    Book that starts so faceless and little bit boring , it turns to a unbelievable and amazing story Through the adversity of a Jewish midwife, we are a silent witness of one dark side of Venice history from one side,...

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