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Screw Business As UsualRICHARD BRANSON, One Of The World S Most Famous And Admired Business Leaders, Argues That It S Time To Turn Capitalism Upside Down To Shift Our Values From An Exclusive Focus On Profit To Also Caring For People, Communities And The PlanetAs He Writes It S A Vibrant And Definite Sea Change From The Way Business Was Always Done, When Financial Profit Was A Driving Force Today, People Aren T Afraid To Say, Screw Business As Usualand Show They Mean It It S Amazing How I Keep Coming Across The Same Message, From Bustling Global Cities To The Townships Of South Africa To Small Villages In India To G8 Climate Conferences It S No Coincidence That So Many People Are Talking About The Same Thing There S A Real Buzz In The Air Change Is Happening People Often Associate Me With Challenges, With Trying To Break Records While Sailing The Atlantic Or Flying In A Jet Stream In A Balloon Or Going Into Space With Virgin Galactic But This Book Isn T Just About Fun And Adventure And Exceeding One S Wildest Dreams It S A Different Kind Of Business Book It S About Revolution My Message Is A Simple One Business As Usual Isn T Working In Fact, Business As Usual Is Wrecking This Planet Resources Are Being Used Up The Air, The Sea, The Land Are All Heavily Polluted The Poor Are Getting Poorer Many Are Dying Of Starvation Or Because They Can T Afford A Dollar A Day For Lifesaving Medicine But My Message Is Not All Doom And Gloom I Will Describe How I Think Business Can Help Fix Things And Create A Prosperous World For Everyone I Happen To Believe In Business Because I Believe That Business Is A Force For Good By That I Mean That Doing Good Is Good For Business Doing The Right Thing Can Be Profitable I Will Show How This Works Step By Step In The Following Pages It S The Core Message Of This Book I Often Say, Have Fun And The Money Will Come I Still Believe That, But Now I Am Saying, Do Good, Have Fun And The Money Will Come.

[PDF / Epub] ⚣ Screw Business As Usual ✈ Richard Branson – Snapchatlogin.us
  • Hardcover
  • 372 pages
  • Screw Business As Usual
  • Richard Branson
  • English
  • 02 April 2017
  • 9781591844341

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    I m a big Richard Branson fan boy, and really liked his first book, Losing My Virginity which I highly recommend Since then, I ve given a few of his other books a try I gave Screw Business as Usual a try this week It was very quick to get through so I thought I d post a short review The book is about the idea that capitalism can, in addition to pursuing the goal of making money, attempt to do good On the plus side, it covers a number of interesting cases, some of which are Virgin enterprises, others just ones Branson has come across It s a wide enough variety to give some creative food for thought, but little is provided in the way of detail if someone wanted to do some analysis of real cost benefit, or map to their business to see how it differs, etc Still, they are inspirational stories.Another negative is that a number o...

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    So now comes Sir Richard with a critique of modern business practices that only he could produce In exhorting readers to Screw Business as Usual Branson is calling upon us to reinvent capitalism in a ethical, just, and less destructive way His primary theme here is that Capitalism 24902 named for the number of miles in our globe s circumference must serve the world and not deplete it Doing good is good for business he says over and over and then he proves his case He tells dozens of stories of business leaders who break the model, screw business as usual, and go on to greater wealth and influence than they could have done with traditional methods And he uses himself as a case in point to great effect With his example, we learn how a great leader like Branson thinks and makes decisions and then it all seems attainable somehow Screw Business as Usual is a call to action that is truly motivating While reading, I made some new personal commitments in terms of how I organize my little one woman consulting firm Not much in the grand scheme of things, but it is my bit to do and I will do it It amuses me that my financial adviser is always surprised when he is telling me that the socially responsible mutual funds I insist on using seem to be outperforming the market If I had had four and a half stars to give, I would have, and I nearly went with a five Though the book was a bit slow in the beginning, once I got to Chapter 3 or so it became a real page turner and...

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    Total and utter pompous tosh avoid

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    Excellent Bravo Richard It is these type of ideas that truly bring about change But not just change for the sake of it Real change and real passion to see a different tomorrow than the one we are experiencing today The idea of the elders and the business leaders is one who s time has come And if each of us will take one step, we will all move closer to reality that includes us all Not just the ones were well off, and not just the ones who can speak with the loudest voices This book is about what we can do today and tomorrow to screw business as usual and move in a direction that our hearts and our minds have always known as not just human, but and divine Read this book, and then connect in Check out w...

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    This lightweight screed reflects the holistic attitude towards business that Richard Branson supposedly has Not having had the opportunity to experience Virgin service myself, I can t judge that claim The supreme irony in ...

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    I love Richard Branson s approach to the world of business While some bits made me flinch, maybe out of jealousy because I don t own even one island, I learned a lot about how a number of my favourite socially responsible businesses started.

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    i like Richard Branson very much but This is the third time i try to finished this book sorry but i cant this book full with facts about author and his colleagues trying make a better world But another way this is look like Virgin s ANNUAL REPORT ...

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    This made me very cynical There s nothing worse than reading about rich white guys extolling business ethics to reach untapped markets, no matter how positive a spin is placed on it.FYI the fact that you can access a Coca Cola in even the poorest of the poor or third world locations is NOT a marvel, when pharma extort the masses.Capitalism doesn t need turning upside down It needs honest people running honest business, not rich do gooders running around exploiting untapped third world markets, because their payback ratios are higher than the first world.Whilst the call to shift our values from profit are indeed a must, the concept of embarking on new ventures solving world wide problems is not new, and yet somehow promoting this process still seems dishonorable coming from the likes of Branson Virgin.Still, I recommend following the process It s been 2 years since this was written, there needs to be done to change the motives of corporate ...

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    In the old days, it was enough for entrepreneurs to spend half their life making money and the other half giving it away But the business game has changed Now, to succeed, you need to make a profit as you do good.Richard Branson introduces the idea of Capitalism 24902 the distance in miles of the circumference of the earth and tells story after story of businesses that have at their heart the concept of doing good You need to accept the global reality of business and thus the need for leadership without borders The old charity model is as out of date as the old way of doing business, success is doing good at a profit.Over the past five or so years in business literature, longer in the real world, there s been a shift to social entrepreneurship Branson s book takes that work as a foundation and moves it ahead Branson s insights are not theoretical but are based on the work he s doing through his own do good organ...

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    This book is as inspiring as it is irritating It s like swimming through thick treacle a lot of the time but there are enough inspirational ideas and case studies to make it worthwhile Branson mentions how wonderful Virgin is at least three times every page which gets a tad tedious and I would have liked details about some of the examples from other organisations.However, Branson s enthusiasm comes through like a blazing sun and he has an impressive record of results with organisations that are making a huge difference t...

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