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Evoguía A Scientist In Atlanta Creates A Revolutionary Breakthrough In Accessing The Untapped Potential In Humans, And In So Doing, Sows The Seeds Of A Decades Spanning Conflict Between Homo Sapiens And A Group Of People A 98 Pound Weakling, A Police Detective, A Boy With Learning Difficulties And An Illness Prone Woman Who Become The First Generation Of Homo Evogu A The Self Evolved Man.

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    I sent feedback to the author and found out this book was written some time ago so I won t be harsh about some of the initial outdated computer models.I felt it could stand for some further editing At points it just got too descriptive about process and i felt it needs some punch ups in action For instance, in the begining, we outline the process the lead scientist uses but after a quick explination, i could have gone without the details of subsequent sessions Later in the book there are some conversations that ultimately don t seem pertenant And the assistant to the Lady in the last half seems to have a contrived role.That said, I liked the story I liked where it went I felt about 2 3 through on a podium at CNN would have been a good stopping point Leave the last 1 3 for a followup book I also felt the Epologue Addendum set roughly 300 years later was not needed I think it was to give a wrap up for people who like wrap ups I would have preferred of a wait and see that wo...

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