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The Men Who Stare At GoatsNot Only A Narcotic Road Trip Through The Wackier Reaches Of Bushs War Effort, But Also An Unmissable Account Of The Insanity That Has Lately Been Done In Our Names ObserverFunny And Gravely Serious, What Emerges Is A World Shrouded In Secrecy, Mystery And Wackiness, Where Warrior Monks And Psychic Spies Battle It Out For Military Thinking Mind Blowing Stuff MetroFewearnest Investigative Journalists Would Have Had The Brilliant Bloody Mindedness To Get What He Has Got And Hardly Any Would Have The Wit To Present It With As Much Clarity The Observer Simultaneously Frightening And Hilarious The Times A Jaw Dropper Of A Non Fiction Story It Moves With Wry, Precise Agility The New York Times A Hilarious And Unsettling Book The Boston Globe Ronson Sets His Book Up Beautifully It Moves With Wry Precise Agility From Crackpot To Crackpot In Its Search For The Essence Of This Early New Age Creativity The New York Times Supposedly The Military Has Soldiers Who Can Stare At Animals And Kill Them, Holograms That Scare People To Death, Psychic Spies, And Plans For Chameleon Camouflage Suits In 1979 They Were Called The First Earth Battalion, And Now We Learn That They Re Back To Help Fight The War On Terrorism Narrator Sean Mangan Takes A Tongue In Cheek Attitude, Making The Voices Of The Characters Sound Like They Re Nuttier Than Mrs Fields Cookies He Leaves Listeners Wondering Whether To Laugh Or Lament His Voice Has A Slight Whispery Cast, And He Extends The Last Word Of Every Sentence, As If To Point Out The Periods AudioFile Magazine

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